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  • delivers extremely fast supplemental heat

  • protects the engine and environment by
    maintaining operating and after-treatment temperatures

  • gets your fleet on the road faster

  • provides a comfortable environment for drivers and students.

“It’s Just a Better Solution”

Historically, fuel-fired-heaters have been the go-to for supplemental heat. The problem is that they are complex, dirty, require regular maintenance, take a long time to warm the system, siphon fuel to feed a flame, and release un-treated exhaust directly into the environment.

The Ventech LHG is an intelligent, integrated supplemental heat system that also improves running conditions and reduces engine idle times by as much as 75%. This leads to substantial fuel savings with net fuel consumption being measurably less than that of a comparable fuel-fired heater. And it goes without saying that drivers realize shorter pre-route preparation time with the Ventech LHG. 

Oh, and did we mention that it’s much quicker and easier to install than fuel-fired-heaters?

In short, the Ventech LHG is compact, simple, clean, efficient, and fast, with no fuel lines, no flame, no emissions, and no need for regular maintenance.  

Ventech LHG Defrost Test

Continuous Improvement

We keep working to make things better. The current LHG700 is smaller and more efficient than previous models. Together with the latest Gen-3 Electronic Control Unit, the latest application-specific programming, and enhanced performance sensors, Ventech’s student transportation solution is more effective and reliable than ever before. 

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Save Money
Save Maintenance
Save Time



Check out how
quickly the LHG
can defrost
your bus.

Ventech's LHG kits are available for Thomas, Bluebird, and IC Buses for end-user or dealer installation.

If you need a supplemental heat solution for your fleet and your model is not available through our online store, or you're looking for an OEM partner to give your buses an edge, let's talk. Use the contact link below or give us a call.


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