Student Transportation

The Ventech LHG TLMS is the perfect heating solution for school buses operating in cold-weather environments. Competing products can require an hour of operation before the bus engine is started, then another fifteen minutes of engine idling while the driver performs pre-route checks. Unlike any other supplemental heater device made for the school bus market, the LHG provides reduced engine idle times of up to 75%. This leads to substantial fuel savings where the net fuel consumption using the LHG is less than that of a comparably sized fuel-fired heater. Additionally, drivers realize shorter pre-route preparation time. The combined benefits lead to best-in-the-industry speed-to-comfort. The LHG not only delivers near-instantaneous heat to windshields, windows, and bus interiors, but does so safely without a flame, fuel lines, or emissions.

Ventech LHG kits are available for Thomas, Bluebird, and IC Buses for end-user or dealer installation.