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Heavy Duty Trucks

Ventech’s LHG is the ideal solution for Heavy Duty Trucks operating in cold weather environments. The LHG maintains engine operating temperatures and cabin comfort in the coldest climates, ensuring reliable diesel particulate filter regeneration with higher exhaust gas temperatures and engine load.

Key Applications:

  • Maintain Engine Operating Temperatures and Cabin Comfort in the Coldest Climates

  • Ensure Reliable DPF Regeneration with Higher EGT’s and Engine Load


When other supplemental heater systems fail to work, the LHG can be relied upon to defrost windshields, defog windows, and maintain correct operating temperatures during operation. Unlike complicated fuel-fired heaters, the LHG is simple to install, vehicle-specific, and requires no flame, fuel line, or exhaust.


Today, the LHG is adopted in hundreds of vehicles and industrial equipment with OEM and aftermarket channels throughout North America, such as Kenworth & Peterbilt Class 8 Trucks fitted with Cummins ISX12 & ISX15 & Paccar MX-Series Engines. The LHG eliminates the need for long idling times in heavy-duty trucks, saving fuel, reducing expensive wear and tear, and saving money for transportation departments and vehicle operators.