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Diesel Pickup Trucks

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Don't Miss The Launch!

We are almost ready to launch the HeatStroke LHG for Ford Power Stroke diesel engines!


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The Ventech LHG is field-proven, patented technology that can raise your engine coolant temperature by 100 degrees in 100 seconds. Defrosting your windows FAST, significantly decreasing idling, maintaining operating temperatures and protecting your engine and after treatment system.

Check it out!
Diesel Pickup Defrost with Ventech LHG installed

Protect your truck
AND stay warm this winter

You know running your diesel cold and letting it idle excessively will damage your engine. Block heaters and covering the radiator don’t solve the problem, and fuel-fired-heaters are complex, dirty, require regular maintenance, and siphon fuel to feed a flame.

Enter the Ventech LHG
(Liquid Heat Generator)

The Ventech LHG is proven technology used by school bus fleets, installed as original equipment for diesel generators, and found providing essential portable heat for transportation, oil, and mining in the Arctic.

DEFROST FAST! Prevent engine damage and stay warm...

The LHG provides fast warmup for your engine and your cab. Quickly reaching and then maintaining the proper engine and emissions control temperatures. Protecting your truck, with the added benefit of making sure you're more comfortable inside the cab. 

The minute you start your engine the LHG produces instant heat. This is fed directly into the coolant, warming your engine and your cab, and defrosting the windows in minutes.

Proper engine and exhaust system operating temperature is maintained by the LHG’s intelligent Gen-3 ECU, which monitors the system, engaging the LHG when the engine is running cold and disengaging it when supplemental heat is not required or during acceleration and heavy load.

Don't Miss The Launch!

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