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The LHG (Liquid Heat Generator) also provides the quickest supplemental defrost and cabin heat in the industry. Without pre-starting, plugs, fuel-siphoning or fumes.

Your truck was a large investment...

Tens of thousands of dollars - for some, over six figures!

Diesel trucks are tough, but driving under cold conditions can increase regen, decrease fuel economy, and cause expensive damage.* And when something does go wrong, costs start in the hundreds just for the diagnosis.

The Ventech LHG protects your diesel engine, engine components like the turbocharger, and your intricate after-treatment system from the damage caused by running your engine cold.

Did You Know?

Running cold causes incomplete combustion, carbon and soot buildup.

Running cold could rob your engine of 10% of its horsepower in 10,000 miles.

Running cold results in lower fuel-economy and more frequent regen.

The LHG keeps your engine from running cold.

The LHG protects your engine.

The LHG protects your turbocharger.

The LHG protects your after-treatment system.

The LHG protects your comfort and safety.

The LHG protects your investment.

The graph below shows real-world data comparing a diesel pickup driving in cold conditions with the LHG and without the LHG.
Watch the video of the side-by-side test drive that produced the graph data.

"Wait... Will this thing void my warranty!?"


Check out page 2 of the Q&A PDF above.

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