Diesel generators often suffer from complications caused by cold weather conditions at idle or low load – increased emissions, engine deposits, reduced power and efficiency, wet-stacking, increased maintenance costs, compromised after-treatment reliability, and decreased engine life are the results.

Ventech's Liquid Heat Generator (LHG) and Thermal Load Management System (TLMS) is the solution.

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Completely automated and regulated by the Ventech Gen-3 Electronic Control Unit, the LHG-TLMS exercises the engine by automatically applying a mechanical load to maintain the ideal operating and exhaust temperature when the electrical load drops below a predetermined threshold for a protracted period. The instant an external electrical load returns, the Gen-3 ECU disengages the LHG.

Better Than Electrical Load Banks

Unlike electrical load banks, the LHG maintains ideal running temperatures more efficiently by converting mechanical load into heat and returning it to the engine through the engine coolant – improving combustion and fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and better protecting the engine. 

  • Low cost and unmatched performance

  • ECU controlled engine load

  • Improved heat management

  • Ideal engine exhaust gas temperature

  • Reliable DPF regeneration and performance

Solutions for Generators
25 kVA – 130kVA

Proven on generator systems operating as far north as Prudhoe Bay and North Slope Alaska. Ventech's LHG-TLMS is factory installed on many new generators from Wacker Neuson, Doosan, Generac, and Atlas Copco.

Aftermarket kits are available for various diesel generator systems.

Protect Your Investment

Contact us if you would like to add the Ventech LHG-THMS to your generator, protect your whole fleet, or would like to discuss an OEM partnership to improve the performance and reliability of your diesel generator products.


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