Ventech Thermal Load Management System (TLMS)

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Ventech LHG
The Superior Solution to Wet Stacking and Generator Reliability during Low-Load operation or in extreme cold conditions.

LHG800  / Generator

LHG800  / Generator

The fundamental cause of Wet Stacking is under-loading of engine & Low Engine Temperature during operation.

The Ventech TLMS technology loads the engine using our proprietary LHG technology and converts the load into significant coolant heat that is returned to the engine coolant circuit.

The added mechanical load to the engine from the LHG doubles the coolant heat that is generated.

Higher coolant temperature improves combustion, housing temperature, and reduces emissions.

The added mechanical load also causes increased EGT’s (exhaust gas temperature) further improving all aspects of engine performance and efficiency.

#1 OEM Choice:

The Ventech LHG

Wacker Neuson, a World Leader in the manufacture of Diesel Generators and other industrial equipment sources the Ventech LHG 700 for factory fitment on many G-Series Generators.

Ventech’s LHG has been proven on generator systems operating as far north as Prudhoe Bay on the Northern Slope of Alaska. 


​Aftermarket kits are available for various diesel generator systems, including the Wacker Neuson G-series of diesel generators. Call Now for more information.

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