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In an emergency, there is little time to wait for vehicles to warm up and be ready to get to those who need help.  Ventech's Liquid Heat Generator keeps emergency vehicles running smoothly at the optimum temperature to ensure speedy response in times of need.

The LHG system includes a microcontroller (ECU) and embedded software. This provides real-time monitoring, performance and comfort adjustments every twenty milliseconds (50 times per second).

emergency fire truck.jpg


At a Glance

Cold liquid goes in.

Hot liquid comes out.

Highly efficient, rotational energy IN is converted to heat energy OUT at over 98%.

Hydraulic friction created by a toroidal vortex within the LHG heats the liquid.

This is similar to how a Torque Converter works.

how the liquid heat generator works.png
Greater than 98% Efficiency

No flame. No electricity. No exhaust.  No fuel lines. No maintenance.

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