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Engineering the Future

Founded by Jeremy Sanger in 2003, Ventech has been quietly engineering heat generation and load management solutions for mobile, vehicle, and equipment applications operating in cold weather or under low engine-load conditions.


With more than thirty global patents for its revolutionary technology and twenty years of continuous improvement, Ventech has the only 21st century, clean solution for diesel supplemental heat and thermal load management. This is why Ventech’s LHG can be found warming engines and toes in the best-equipped school buses and installed as original equipment in the finest diesel generators.

Ventech’s innovations are also at work wherever fast, safe, or mobile heat is required. Our systems keep milk from freezing as it’s hauled across Canada, provide safe, flameless liquid heat for dangerous mining, transportation, and industrial applications, and warm cabs and trailers for construction, oil drilling, and aviation support equipment. Ventech innovation makes it possible for business, industry, and individuals to keep things warm and keep things moving even in the harshest cold conditions.


Today, Ventech continues to add to its own product offerings and partner with innovative organizations and industries. Pioneering the possibilities generated by turning circular motion into instant liquid heat.

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