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Industrial equipment, especially when operated in severe climates, suffers from a multitude of cold climate issues including:


  • Poor cabin comfort, visibility, and operator safety

  • Engine Wet Stacking

  • Excessive idling

  • Excessive fuel consumption due to idling

  • Equipment depreciation as a result of idling

  • Compromised aftertreatment component performance

The LHG provides a highly effective remedy to all these issues in the construction and mining industries. In addition, the LHG can be configured to provide fluid heating for vehicle hydraulics and oil systems or to maintain the temperature of transported bulk fluids. 

Ventech offers the LHG technology in conjunction with an Arctic APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) for engine-off applications in construction and mining. The Ventech Arctic Heat Generator (AHG) can provide up to 100,000 Btu / hr to maintain operational temperature of vehicles and equipment.


Ventech also offers the HCH4500; an intrinsically-safe coolant heater that is driven by a hydraulic motor and is therefore safe to use in explosive and dangerous mining conditions. 


At a Glance

Cold liquid goes in.

Hot liquid comes out.

Highly efficient, rotational energy IN is converted to heat energy OUT at over 98%.

Hydraulic friction created by a toroidal vortex within the LHG heats the liquid.

This is similar to how a Torque Converter works.

how the liquid heat generator works.png
Greater than 98% Efficiency

No flame. No electricity. No exhaust.  No fuel lines. No maintenance.

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