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The LHG700


Meet the LHG

our core technology

The Ventech Liquid Heat Generator (LHG) is a revolutionary system that converts rotational energy into heat through a liquid medium.
When in motion, the LHG is continually creating and destroying vortices; generating “hydraulic friction” which – through the wonders of physics and fluid dynamics – makes heat. This happens very efficiently. Greater than 98% efficient and able to increase a liquid’s temperature by 2° per second in some applications. 

The same process can also be used to apply a controlled load to a system, making it ideal for use by diesel engines and other applications that need regular or occasional heat and load to run properly.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Automotive Applications

For ICE and vehicular applications, the LHG along with the Ventech Gen-3 ECM can be used to very quickly bring an engine up to, and intelligently maintain, its ideal operating temperature. This is especially useful for diesel engines, preventing internal damage and fouling caused by idling or running at lower-than-optimum engine and exhaust temperatures. 

An LHG-equipped system also benefits from extremely quick defrosting, more comfortable cabin temperatures, and the ability to get to work or on the road faster in cold weather conditions. This is especially beneficial for buses, personal and commercial trucks, support, construction, and mining vehicles.

Safe and Transportable Heat Applications

For decades, our sister company, Puritan Arctic Equipment, has been using Ventech technology to create extreme-cold-climate solutions that keep people and equipment safe, warm, and working even in the harsh winter conditions of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Proven Technology, Continuously Improved

Efficiency, reliability, simplicity. Ventech has been updating and improving our technology since its invention in 1997. Today’s LHGs, Gen-3 Control Module, and Thermal Load Management Solutions (TLMS) are smaller, more efficient, and more reliable than ever. 

If you need fast, efficient liquid heat to improve your product, support your people, decrease your costs, get to work faster, or protect your fleet, get in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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