This kit will equip a JD4045 generator (John Deere 4045 engine) with the Ventech LHG Thermal Load Management System (TLMS). The LHG-TLMS exercises the engine by automatically applying a mechanical load to maintain the ideal operating load and temperature when the electrical load drops below a predetermined threshold for a protracted period. This better protects both the engine and the exhaust after-treatment system.


The LHGTLMS is available as part of an installation kit tailored for each specific generator application.

LHG-TLMS Kit for JD4045 Generators

SKU: LHG700-0230
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  • The LHG700-0078 Kit for the Saf-T-Liner C2 includes:


    1 LHG Subassembly (pre-assembled LHG (Liquid Heat Generator) mounting brackets, sensors, and belt guide), 1 LHG ECU, 1 ECU Harness Assembly, 1 GPMS Controller, 1 GPMS Measurement Harness Assembly, 1 GPMS, Pigtail Harness Assembly, 1 LHG 8-PK Pulley, 1 Drive Pulley Spacer, 1 Belt, 1 Belt Tensioner, 1 66” Heater Hose, 1 Molded Heater Hose, Various tie wraps, Various fasteners and washers, various fixtures and hardware, 1 small tube of LOC-TITE.

    Make sure that you have the correct LHG Installation Kit for your generator. Different generators use the same LHG700, however, each generator platform requires a unique kit. If you are not sure which kit to purchase, please contact us at, or call 248-863-5226.