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The Ventech LHG (Liquid Heat Generator) is a rapid supplemental heat provider and diesel idle reduction system.


This LHG Kit is designed specifically for IC MaxxForce 7 Engine (2010-2013) Buses.


The LHG provides fast engine and cabin warmup and window defrost while reducing excessive idling – resulting in fuel savings, reduced tailpipe emissions, and reduced wear and tear. The LHG is fully automatic and managed by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that engages and disengages the LHG based on coolant temperature, load, and other engine and environmental conditions.

IC MaxxForce 7 LHG Kit

SKU: LHG700-0072
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The LHG700-0072 Kit for the IC MaxxForce 7 Engine (2010-2013) includes:

    • LHG700 Assembly
    • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
    • Wire Harness Interface

    (specifics are provided in the installation manual).


    Make sure that you have the correct LHG Installation Kit for your vehicle. Different vehicles use the same LHG700 and the same ECU/Harness system, however, each vehicle platform requires a unique kit. If you are not sure which kit to purchase, please contact us at, or call 248-863-5226.

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