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Look what they’re saying about the Ventech LHG

Here is just some of our Customers enjoying Fast & Effective Heat while Benefiting from less idling & saving fuel

  •   Drivers have liked the LHG. They definitely saw a big improvement from where we were. Reading about 125 degrees F on a cold run, let’s say about -20-degree or colder, and the engine temperature went up to probably 150 degrees or so. Big improvement.

    Centre Line Pupil Transportation Western School Division Morden, Manitoba
  •   We have an infrared heat gun that measures temperatures. It was about 2 minutes before the LHG started kicking out some heat, and it took about 10 minutes to get up to full temperature. My driver is happy and has commented on this particular model of bus we never felt warm air coming out of the defroster onto our face before

    Jefferson School District #251 Rigby Idaho
  •   The bus with LHG produces heat much quicker that the bus itself. That was nice!

    Ann Arbor Public Schools Ann Arbor, MI
  •   Yep the Ventech works great. Our drivers have mentioned that they do make a difference when they fired them up in the morning, and when they got ready to go they had heat through the defrosters.

    New Prairie School Corporation New Carlisle Indiana
  •   The LHG seems to be keeping engine temperatures up where they’re supposed to be. As far as our drivers go…they LIKE the Ventech. Drivers will tell you everything negative, and so they’re not saying anything negative. Many of the drivers have said the Ventech provides great heat after 15 minutes or so. Your service was good for the minor issues we did have. You did provide a preventative maintenance sheet that helped us know what to look for. Ventech as a whole is good.

    Arbor Park Schools Oak Forest, IL
  •   The drivers here love them…they think they’re great. They turn them on when they leave home, and by the time they get to their first pick-up the bus is completely warm. Like before, it seemed it was half-way through the route before the bus got warmed up. Now they say it’s not even that…they say 5 minutes they have heat. It’s just great!

    Rolling Rivers School Division Minnerosa, Manitoba
  •   Good morning to the team at Ventech. Just wanted to shoot you guys a quick note with some info from the field on the bus fitted with the LHG513. After only a few days on the road, the driver of this bus is giving it RAVE reviews! He said he hasn’t “timed” it, but he claims that the bus is reaching operating temperature in half the time than before!

    DeLaSalle Collegiate High School Warren, MI