Easy Installation Video

The following movie clips show the ease and simplicity of installing the Ventech Liquid Heat Generator.

These movie clips cover the installation of Ventech’s Kit #19; suitable for a MaxxForce 7-powered bus equipped with an A/C compressor. Each clip is 2-3 minutes in duration. Scroll down the page to watch all of the installation movies step-by-step.

Step 1 - Watch Video

Unpack the LHG kit and familiarize yourself with the contents and confirm that all the parts are present.

Step 2 - Watch Video

Next, we begin the actual installation. Clip #2 explains the removal of the serpentine belt and the installation of the LHG mounting brackets.

Installation Brackets are available for many current school bus applications

Step 3 - Watch Video

We now install the LHG heater assembly. The LHG installation can be completed in approximately two hours

Step 4 - Watch Video

After installing the heater assembly, an idler or belt tensioner may be installed, depending on the engine / kit combination. Then, the LHG is plumbed to the existing bus heating system

Step 5 - Watch Video

Before we move on to the electrical installation, simply reinstall the Serpentine Belt.

Step 6 - Watch Video

Once the heater is installed and plumbed, the Electrical Harness, Control Box, and Dashboard Switch need to be installed.

Step 7 - Watch Video

Just a few more steps to go. We’re now going to mount the Driver’s Dashboard Switch that provides a ‘manual override’ of the LHG operation.

The LHG is designed to power up whenever the ambient (outside) temperature is below a certain threshold. The LHG will also disengage once the engine coolant  temperature is rapidly raised to 185 Deg.F.

Step 8 - Watch Video

Final steps are to refill the coolant, bleed the system, and check the operation of  the Ventech LHG for the first time.

The installation is now complete!

Install the Ventech LHG Rapid Heating System in 2 Hours