Engine Work

Technology Overview

Ventech manufactures a revolutionary supplemental heating system called the Liquid Heat Generator (LHG). The LHG is designed, patented, and fabricated for many diesel engine and vehicle applications. Ventech's technology generates heat through hydraulic friction produced by the engine coolant circulating between a stationary Stator and rotating Rotor. This process generates 98 percent efficiency in converting rotational energy to heat energy for portable and mobile applications.









​Inside the LHG, the rotor and stator create a fluid-shearing effect in the circulating coolant. The LHG system is entirely automated, includes a microcontroller, and uses embedded software that provides real-time monitoring, performance, and comfort / load adjustments. The microcontroller constantly  monitors a variety of parameters and determines when to engage the LHG Thermal Load Management System (TLMS). The LHG can achieve optimum operating temperature within minutes of start-up by converting mechanical energy drawn from the auxiliary belt drive and transferring the energy directly into the vehicle's coolant. The added engine load also elevates exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and overall engine temperature, preventing wet stacking and improving emissions.

Ventech offers solutions for a variety of markets and applications, including Diesel Generators, Student Transportation, Aviation Ground Support Equipment, Diesel Pickup Trucks, Construction & Mining, and Heavy Duty Trucks. The LHG is the ideal rapid supplemental heater for vehicles powered by diesel, hybrid, and other efficient engines that produce little heat waste. Ventech's LHG is engineered in a compact and straightforward design that is inherently non-hazardous and easily adapted for mobile applications.