Short-Term Vs. Long-Term

When I think about different people in my life, I find that some of them tend to live more for the moment, and others seem to be consummate planners. Both approaches seem to have their advantages. Distilled to its essence, short-term lends itself to immediacy and there can come a joy in spontaneity that seems to be lacking under the path of planning. However, planning brings a stronger sense of comfort that tomorrow will be as good as today, if not better.

As with most things, a balance seems to be the key. In our personal lives, it’s not all about saving for that dream house or retirement. We need to live along the way. Little short-term goals and treats along the way revitalize us and can make us stronger so that the long-term goals are more easily achieved. And so we do, while hopefully maintaining the vision and path for those long-term goals.

In our professional lives, the same tenets can be applied. Sometimes we must implement a solution immediately, despite the fact that given time, a better solution would likely be found. The long-term goals will often be to deliver more/better service or product while costing fewer dollars, truly a goal worth achieving. With effort and study, the optimal long-term plan usually emerges. The trick, however, is being able to implement the long-term plan given our current level of resources. Sometimes we do not have the budget to implement the long-term plan. As a result, choices must be made between one acceptable plan and another. Or, sometimes a special appeal can be made to those that control the purse strings to find a way to boost current resources to obtain long-term benefit. In any case, when the optimal solution can reduce life-cycle costs, create a more comfortable environment for our clients, reduce environmental impact, or all of the above, it compels us to continually do what we can to strive for that answer.

At Ventech, we have tried and continue to try to remove the debate between immediately addressing a need using sub-par methods and wanting to address the same need optimally, only to find the solution to be unaffordable. The Ventech LHG’s upfront cost is among the lowest in its competitive category despite generating some of the highest power results in that same category. Furthermore, in addition to lowest up-front costs, it provides for lowest life-cycle costs in its category as well. For those of you that have already discovered and experienced these results for yourselves, we thank you and look forward to continuing to work together. For those who have not yet fully researched the benefits of the LHG for yourselves, we welcome the opportunity to share our story with you!

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