PowerGen 2017

Ventech was pleased to have joined in on the activities at Power-Gen 2017 in Las Vegas. While one month later, CES lost power for a day at the Lag Vegas Convention Center, the PowerGen conference never missed a beat.

Among other things, emissions controls continue to challenge the industry. These issues effect everything from large power plants and large corporate power consumers, all the way down to individual internal combustion engines (ICEs). Technologies evolve and new challenges arise.

Oil still provides about one-third of the world’s energy. Engines power the world’s roughly one billion passenger vehicles, as well as trucks, heavy-duty vehicles and generators. Immediate prospects for replacing the IC engine with more fuel efficient and cleaner power plants are not hopeful. The ICE will be likely be the dominant prime mover for vehicles and generators for decades. This seems even more evident in the winter as battery-driven options reveal some of their own challenges. R&D teams continue to acquire a better understanding of the fundamental processes affecting engine efficiency and the production of undesirable emissions. But one thing is for certain…a healthy engine will generate fewer emissions and fuel consumption will be more efficient than that of an unhealthy engine. Ultimately, unhealthy engines will fail to perform, costing users much in lost productivity, not to mention the cost to repair or to replace.

Ventech’s LHG promotes engine healthy in several ways. It loads the engine (appropriately engineered load levels according to the needs of the application). The engine load attributed by the LHG aggressively warms the coolant and significantly elevates exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). This enables the engine to quickly reach, and maintain, recommended operating temperature.

Due to the effect on EGT's, the LHG has been used in many applications to reduce wet stacking of generators and face plugging of moving stock engines. The Liquid Heat Generator delivers higher performance/efficiency, reduced maintenance and increased reliability. Bottom line is cost savings with a positive impact on the environment!

We look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando later in December, 2018. Next time we meet in Vegas, perhaps Power-Gen should conference on the same week as CES, just in case all those consumer electronics once again drain the Vegas grid, the Power folks can come in and save the day!

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