Back to the Future (In the Netherlands)

Ventech’s Role in Radiant Floor Heating in Historic Netherlands

By 2050, the Netherlands wants to be energy-neutral. Its heritage of being a land of windmills provides an interesting opportunity to work toward its energy-neutral goal. Owners of properties and government agencies are collaborating to update and make more energy efficient these valuable historic properties.

One of the properties identified as a candidate for restoration / modernization was the Mill De Herteller.

Close to Heerenveen in Sintjohannesga, this mill was originally constructed in 1857, and had very much been operational until 1931. Together with five other mills, De Hersteller dried the Sintjohannesgaaster Veenpolder. In the 1930’s, an electric pumping station took over this function and the other four mills disappeared.

It was during this time that the property then fell into gradual disrepair. De Hersteller continued to function as a home, but it was not very comfortable living: the interior could not warm above 60°F in the winter.

Thanks to a subsidy, the residents were able to take measures to insulate the mill and transform it into a modern wind turbine. Ventech is pleased to be part of this undertaking. Today, the windmill drives not only an electrical generator, but also an LHG700 which produces heat to assist with maintaining a comfortable living space during the cold, damp winters.

The direct conversion of mechanical energy from the wind turbine to heat energy using the LHG700 is about 98% efficient. The heat is then pumped through the facility as a radiant heat source. The inhabitants: "Now we are in a blouse, we used to wear a coat." Molen de Hersteller in Sintjohannesga is now living a new life as a self-sufficient, energy-neutral home. Ventech is excited and proud to be part of the energy efficient solution on this fascinating historic project!

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