Ventech and Wacker Neuson Join Forces

In early 2016, Ventech and Wacker Neuson have entered into an agreement to join forces to provide users with generator and light towers uniquely equipped to further mitigate wet-stacking issues, extending the lives of the high-value engines.

Wet Stacking is a highly problematic condition that occurs when diesel engines are operated below optimum load. When engines run below the designed operational temperature, the piston rings do not expand sufficiently to adequately seal the space between the pistons and the cylinder walls. When unburned fuel is exhausted out of the combustion chamber, it starts to build up in the exhaust side of the engine, resulting in fouled components and a buildup of carbon on the exhaust valves, turbo charger and exhaust. Over long periods, the net effect is to cause significant engine performance and reliability issues, as well as environmental issues. Permanent damage may not be incurred over short periods, but over longer periods, deposits will scar and erode key engine surfaces. Wet Stacking can occur irrespective of climate or ambient temperature.

Oil exploration companies have been experiencing many problems relating to engines on their generators and light towers. Over the last two years in the extreme climates of the North Slope of Alaska, Ventech has been proving the merits of the LHG to the energy industry as well as to the generator manufacturers.

By having the LHG installed at the OE level, Ventech is able to integrate its functions seamlessly with the Wacker-Neuson platforms’ onboard electronics control systems. This arrangement will even further advance the solid results we’ve already experienced in Alaska!

The Ventech team is proud and excited to be working with the Wacker Neuson team in our mutual effort to help the end users in their quest to minimize “down-time” and maintenance, and maximize engine life. The LHG-outfitted Wacker Neuson systems will be available to the buyer later this year.

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