I think that for most of us, regardless of our background, we develop our first loyalties early in life. Somewhere in our first few years of life, we realize that there are some people that we can simply count on, even when we make mistakes. These people usually will include family members, a few valued friends and someone we might see daily, like a care giver or school member. Perhaps instinctively, soon after we experience the benefits of someone being loyal to us, we also become that person that others can rely on… someone protective of a little sister or just someone who stands by a friend when that friend is down.

Not long after, as I started to understand the expanse of our world, I started to feel some loyalty to my home….my town and my country. This same feeling also began to extend itself to some teams. Perhaps it was because those teams seemed to represent my home. Perhaps it was simply because they were the teams that my father and grandfather cheered for. Early on, I might have occasionally felt a tug of loyalty to another team because they had a winning tradition, a very exciting player, or maybe just because I was on a junior league team with the same name. But for me, the tug was a short-lived thing, as I’d continue to root for my team even through the losing years.

I think it was only later in life, when I started to spend my own earned income, that I began to develop loyalties to purchased items, or at least the companies that created them. Some things just seemed to be built better. Some lasted longer. Some offered equal value at a fraction of the price. Sometimes the relationship grew on intangibles, such as they level of communication that occurred during the purchase and thereafter, or on something such as one choice seemed to be much better for the environment than another. We all have these feelings of loyalty, certainly based on different factors or weightings, but still basically the same. And I think knowing this means that, deep down inside, we all strive to be worthy of earning the loyalty of others. Ventech has been developing LHGs since 1993. Years ago, we had produced a product of which we were very proud to offer to the marketplace. We are even more proud today as we continue to improve the inner workings of our heat machine delivering ‘more BTU-for-the-buck’ than our competition, whether considered from the up-front or the life-cycle perspective. All of this has been done and continues to be done in order to further the relationship with our clients and to earn their continued loyalty. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your loyalty!

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