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“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

And so, it is with this in mind that we begin our Ventech blog. We hope that this forum will allow us to share ideas and experiences of our own and those of our users. We look forward to keeping you apprised of developments within our organization, as well as related goings-on. We equally look forward to receiving your thoughts and suggestions, whether related directly to Ventech, or to the heater-community in general.

And while the Ventech blog is just now seeing its beginnings, Ventech itself was founded in 2003 and the R&D leading to the development of the Ventech LHG began in 1993. Since that time, many LHGs have been installed. Historically, most of our units have gone out to fleets of buses in the northern half of the US, as well as Canada. But many units have been integrated into trucks, auxiliary power units, as well as into some very custom-tailored applications.

Beginning last year, we became excited to introduce many units into the Alaskan market…our coldest challenge yet. Some of these units will be stationed in Deadhorse, Alaska, where the average temperature for January through March is -23° F, with extremes falling below -60° F (not counting wind chill!). Needless to say, since our R&D inception in 1993, the LHG has been an evolving species to ensure that the product keeps up with the ever-challenging demands of your environment. And as you are all too aware, your environment goes beyond mere temperature. We also deal well in the environment of budgetary constraints (for original cost and for costs associated with maintenance), as well as that of environmental legislation. Finally, the LHG operates without any open flame, which can be invaluable in environments involving combustible liquids or gases.

And so, while we would be loath to argue with Plato, we believe that most important works go on daily, as new beginnings are undertaken daily. These undertakings are borne of necessity, by you and us, by bus-riders and their parents, by drivers and their fleet managers, by legislators and more.

We have enjoyed the journey thus far, and appreciate your being there with us. And of course, we look forward to continuing the journey ahead…certainly with some trials, but just as certainly, with fun and satisfaction of doing the job well!

Ventech TV

Ventech is pleased to present Ventech TV. This page provides customers and prospective customers alike with information about the LHG, features and customer success stories, among other features. We hope you like it and welcome any questions and feedback.

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