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Diesel Generators

Finally, an effective and economical solution to Wet Stacking and generator reliability in extreme cold conditions.

School Buses


In 2016, the LHG513 & 600 Series of heaters was undated to the new and improved LHG700. Unlike any other supplemental heater device made for the school bus market, the LHG700 by Ventech is providing reduced engine idle times of up to 75%, lower labor and maintenance costs, and greater speed-to-comfort.

Mass Transit

When the reliability and maintenance of their Fuel-Fired Heaters became overwhelming, TARTA turned to Ventech. Many of the TARTA Dennis/Thomas  Built buses are powered by the Mercedes Benz 906, a notoriously poor source  of heat for the passenger compartment. Ventech quickly developed a custom installation kit for the TARTA fleet, resulting in a reliable and cost-effective remedy to dismal bus heating.






The Ventech team is pleased to be part of Navistar Parts Direct Ship Supplier Program.  For IC school buses equipped with LHG Heaters, please contact your local Navistar dealer.

Available Kits

Browse our available kits, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Available Kits

Diesel Pickup Trucks


Diesel Pickup trucks are notorious for poor heater performance, slow engine warmup, and DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration. Ventech offers a range of kits that utilize the compact and high performance LHG700 Series of rapid supplemental heaters.

Heavy Duty (HD) Truck

Kits available for Peterbilt, Kenworth, and other Class 8 / Heavy Duty trucks.

Auxiliary Power Units (APU)


Ventech has been supplying The Puritan Arctic Equipment Company with its heavy duty arctic 700 Series LHG.  Puritan Automation has incorporated the LHG technology into an exciting alternative to the traditional auxiliary power unit.  Puritan’s solution to the APU is its Arctic Heat Generator, or more simply, the AHG.






Construction & Mining


Industrial equipment, especially when operated in severe climates, suffers from a multitude of cold climate issues ranging from poor cabin comfort, engine wet stacking, excessive idling (and hence excessive fuel consumption), equipment depreciation (from idling), and DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration. The LHG provides a highly effective remedy to all.