Ventech Heaters Can  Kill Coronavirus

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How is Ventech helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic..

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ventech continues operations while exploring ingenious ways that we may be able to help sanitize commercial vehicles using our high temperature vehicle heater technology.

Ventech is currently working with school bus and vehicle fleet operators and major airlines by installing and testing a high temperature version of our patented LHG heater to eradicate the presence of the virus within the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

It has been scientifically-proven that by elevating cabin air temperature to over 135°F for 15 minutes more than 99% of the novel coronavirus is eradicated.


Although this has been recently demonstrated

in police patrol cars, heating the cavity of

larger vehicles, especially when diesel-powered,

creates a greater challenge.


Ventech is collaborating with corporate partners

to quickly develop solutions to greatly diminish

COVID-related risks in vehicles.

Click Video to see a simple demonstration.