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Ventech and Wacker Neuson Join Forces

In early 2016, Ventech and Wacker Neuson have entered into an agreement to join forces to provide users with generator and light towers uniquely equipped to further mitigate wet-stacking issues, extending the lives of the high-value engines. Wet Stacking is a highly problematic condition that occurs when diesel engines are operated below optimum load. When engines run below the designed operational temperature, the piston rings do not expand sufficiently to adequately seal the space between the pistons and the cylinder walls. When unburned fuel is exhausted out of the combustion chamber, it starts to build up in the exhaust side of the engine, resulting in fouled components and a buildup o


I think that for most of us, regardless of our background, we develop our first loyalties early in life. Somewhere in our first few years of life, we realize that there are some people that we can simply count on, even when we make mistakes. These people usually will include family members, a few valued friends and someone we might see daily, like a care giver or school member. Perhaps instinctively, soon after we experience the benefits of someone being loyal to us, we also become that person that others can rely on… someone protective of a little sister or just someone who stands by a friend when that friend is down. Not long after, as I started to understand the expanse of our world, I

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