Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Intermittent use of ground support equipment can lead to poor DPF regeneration, and other reliability issues. The Ventech LHG TLMS provides up to 26kW of rapid supplemental heat that can be used for engine, equipment, and cabin thermal conditioning. The mechanical load derived from the TLMS ensures elevated EGT and aftertreatment temperatures are where they need to be.

Correct EGT, achieved through operation of the LHG TLMS, ensures reliable DPF regeneration and eliminates wet stacking. When other supplemental heater systems fail to work after a few seasons, the LHG can be relied upon to provide ample supplemental heat for a broad range of ground support equipment.

LHG TLMS Benefits Include:

  • Maintaining engine operating temperatures and cabin comfort in cold climates​

  • Ensuring reliable DPF regeneration and elimination of wet stacking

  • Improving the reliability, safety, and performance of Aviation GSE













The LHG is simple to install, taking 2-4 hours to complete. The LHG Kit is vehicle or equipment-specific and requires no flame, fuel line, or exhaust.​ Saving money is vital to airline ground support operations, and the LHG delivers cost-effective value and performance.

Ground Support Equipment LHG