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Ventech provides Mass Transit Operators a Safe, Cost Effective & High  Performance Solution to Cold Transit Buses

When the reliability and maintenance of their Fuel-Fired Heaters became overwhelming, TARTA turned to Ventech. Many of the TARTA Dennis/Thomas  Built buses are powered by the Mercedes Benz 906, a notoriously poor source  of heat for the passenger compartment. Ventech quickly developed a custom installation kit for the TARTA fleet, resulting in a reliable and cost-effective remedy to dismal bus heating.

  • ISUZU / GM
  • BENZ

The Ventech Rapid Supplemental Heater requires No Flame, No Fuel Line, and  No Exhaust. The LHG is quick and simple to install, and requires no  maintenance.

The Ventech LHG can achieve passenger compartment in 50-75% less time. That’s 50-75% less idling, and can sustain significantly higher cabin temperatures.

  • Reduces Cold Start Idling by up to 75%
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption (from Idling) by up to 75%
  • Significant Improvement in Passenger Comfort
  • Improves Drive Visibility and Safety
  • Less Wear & Tear
  • No Flame, No Fuel Lines, No Exhaust

Ventech is continuously developing new installation kits for your model of Mass Transit Bus, irrespective of fleet age or engine configuration.

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