Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Turbo Diesel Trucks (Cummins 6.7L)

A Warm Cabin & Less Engine Idling --- Always

The Ventech LHG700 Rapid Supple-mental Heater provides up to 26kW of rapid engine and cabin heat. During Fast Idle* or normal driving.

* Fast Idle: The LHG requires an elevated Fast Idle of at least 1000 engine RPM for optimal performance.


  • Improved DPF Regeneration
  • Faster Engine & Cabin Warmup Times
  • Less Engine Wear & Tear
  • Idle Reduction Saves Fuel and Money
  • Improves Safety and Comfort


  • LHG700 Rapid Supplemental Heater
  • Simple Operation—Auto Shutoff
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • Reliable / No Maintenance

High Performance. Simple. Reliable.


When other supplemental heater systems fail to work after a few seasons, the LHG700 can be relied upon to defrost windshields, defog windows, and maintain correct operating tem-peratures for the life of the truck.


Unlike complicated Fuel-Fired Heaters, the LHG700 is simple to install, taking 2-4 hours to complete. The LHG Kit is vehicle-specific and requires no flame, no fuel line, and no exhaust.

Value For Money


Through select OEM and Aftermarket chan-nels, today the LHG is adopted in hundreds of vehicles and industrial equipment throughout North America.


Saving money is vital to any transportation department or vehicle operator, and the LHG delivers value:
Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Turbo Diesel Trucks (Cummins 6.7L)

  • Less Fuel from Idling
  • Satisfactory DPF REGEN
  • Less Maintenance
  • Increased Comfort & Safety
  • Cost Effective

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Unparalleled Performance

Technology Comparison LHG700 Arctic Fuel-Fired Heater
Effective Heat Output 5-26kW 5-13kW
Efficiency ~98% ~50%
Weight 11 lbs. >65 lbs.
Coolant Plumbing In Series In series
Fuel System N/A (Belt Driven) Complex
Mounting Engine-mounted Chassis-mounted
Size 7” x 7” x 5” 6” x 8” x 23”
Installation Time 2-4 hrs. ~8 hrs.
Maintenance Hours / Year None ~ 8 hrs. / Year (typ.)
Warranty 2 years Parts Variable based on product

Typical Coolant Temperatures after 5 Minutes at Fast Idle

0° Ambient

Tipical Windshield Defrost Performance in 10 Minutes at Fast Idle

0° Ambient
Higher EGT's Means Improved DPF Regeneration

The average exhaust gas temperature when driving can be around 150-300 degrees Celsius. In order to carry out a successful regeneration, the exhaust gas temperatures must reach levels of at least 600 degrees Celsius and have been known to reach up to 850-900 degrees Celsius. Adding the mechanical load of the LHG adds work to the engine driv-ing up the exhaust gas temperature during normal operation of the vehicle.

Idling Is Expensive

If you are idling your truck for extended periods, it’s probably because you are trying to maintain engine and cabin heat (for comfort for when you drive away). Imagine starting your cold truck and with-in ten minutes, achieve operating temper-ature and plentiful heat from your vents. Reducing excessive Idling saves fuel and reduces expensive wear and tear. Start saving NOW with the Ventech LHG 700 Rapid Supplemental Heater.