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Diesel Pickup trucks are notorious for poor heater performance and slow engine warmup. Ventech offers a range of kits that utilize the compact and high performance LHG700 Series of rapid supplemental heaters.  The 700 Series delivers the benefits of the Liquid Heat Generator design while maintaining a thin profile so that it fits into the tight quarters of today’s pickup truck.

Although compact, the LHG packs the punch you want.  It generates LOTS of heat FAST.  In sub-zero temperatures full defrost and substantial cabin heat can be achieved in less than ten minutes – from cold start.

Bringing the engine to operating temperature extremely quickly, the LHG adds valuable life to your vehicle’s most expensive component.  Because the LHG helps to defrost windows and brings the engine to operating temperature more quickly, drivers get on the road faster, ultimately helping their schedules and our environment.

Our users appreciate the fact that the LHG700 has two moving parts and no maintenance.